Logo of the Green Party of England and Wales, depicting a green Earth with petals surrounding three-quarters of the globe

We are a local group within the Derbyshire Green Party, part of the Green Party of England & Wales. The Green Party is the only major political party which seeks to secure democracy and social justice within the limits of our planet. It is the only party that has a policy for community led housing. Here in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales, we believe in supporting local people through the provision of good quality housing, efficient public transport and the protection and enhancement of our natural world.

Map of the constituency

Get involved

You can:

  • Come along to one of our regular meetings. Everyone is welcome to attend — whether you are a Green Party member or not — to find out more about us and how you can help us create a better life for all, here in the Derbyshire Dales.
  • Join the Green Party of England and Wales. This will automatically give you membership of your local party as well.
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